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I have seen several good articles on the subject of what to do to prepare for the coming of the Great Collapse. Below are my reviews of those articles with some summaries of their content.

In December, 2011, Craig A. Severance at
Energy Economy Online began a series of three articles addressing the question of As Economy Fails, How Do We Live?

Part I: The Four Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse identifies what is wrong with our economy: 1) Too Much Debt, 2) Resource Limits, 3) Destruction and Decay of Infrastructure, and 4) Greed. These will prevent real economic growth in the near future.

In Part II: Out With The Old Severance identifiies seven outcomes as economic growth fails: 1) If you can't pay the debt -- Don't!, 2) Buy American or Bye, Bye America, 3) The empire shrinks back, 4) Stop heating the outdoors, 5) Cure "sick-care", 6) Repeal laws that mandate opulence and forbid prosperity, and 7) Drop the shopping. You need to read the article to get the true flavor of these upcoming conditions.

Part III: In With The New says we need a map for uncharted territory in the new year. Our industrial civilization is reaching limits to growth, and we do not know how to live with that. He present seven new ways of living that will work: 1) Debt for investment, not for consumption, 2) Location, location, location [choose with care], 3) Collaborate and conquer, 4) Go with the flow, 5) Patient, heal thyself, 6) Connect the dots, and 7) Become producers again. Again you must read the article to fully understand his bullets.

Severance assumes the economy can be repaired and offers part of a map on how to do it. Only time will tell.

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