The Characters of
Was a Time When
(Return Home)

In a novel this size the author most often only gives indications of who a character is, leaving it to the reader's imagination to fill in the details. Here I tell you of the character profiles I developed as I wrote my book. If you want to know more about one of the characters, click on his/her name.


CosandJo is a fourteen year old student in his second year of neo-archeology studies at the University of Hudson Bay in 3100AD. He has a strong interest in finding his roots, the source of the tribe of Neu-humans of which he is a part.

CosandJo is a red-headed freckled lad of about 5' 9". He has the characteristic 4" tail of the Neu-humans and his mind is mostly rational, though he exhibits some regression at times back to the characteristics of the original human race. He dreams more than is usual for his species.

ProfSir ElderJan

ProfSir ElderJan is in charge of the neo-archeology department at the University of Hudson Bay. He leads the expedition to the Oregon Lands to search for more knowledge of the Great Collapse.

ElderJan is CosandJo's uncle. He is 55 years old and wishes to understand the knowledge of the human race of a thousand years before.

Dean of Profs

The Dean of Profs is the head of the University of Hudson Bay. He is also responsible for putting together the millenneum celebration.


The Magic Puter is a remnant from the time when technology could produce such devices. It is an advanced microcomputer built in 2032 and incorporates many of the advances in artificial intelligence made during the 21st century.

Sam Hardy

Sam Hardy writes his memoirs as the 21st century is ending. He tells of the changes that took place during the Great Collapse.

Sam is born in 2015 in Fresno, California and grows up in Sacramento. He enters UC Davis and gets his BS in Chemical Engineering. He and Abby join their lives there. He continues on his Ph.D. but is sent to Meeker, Colorado to work on synthetic fuel research.

When the SynFuels Lab closes, he and Abby return to California in an antique motorhome. He joins the tribes of Northern California and becomes a leader. Later he takes his tribe to Oregon.


George is Sam's technical expert in the final years in Sutherlin, Oregon.


Ralph is Sam's friend who invites the diseased stranger into Sutherlin.

MeJe and other students

MeJe, SamJan, PaulJa, SueJu, ShoJan, and SueJa and six other students along with CosandJo make up the expedition to the Oregon Lands to study the knowledge of the human race that suffered the Great Collapse of the 21st century.


Mom is Sam Hardy's mother. Her maiden name is Boone.


Tom Hardy is Sam Hardy's father. He is a socioeconomist in Sacramento.

Grandpa and Grandma Hardy

Tom Hardy's parent live in Martinez, California. Grandpa works for Contra Costa County and was working on levees in the Sacramento Delta when the Concord fault ruptured and created the beginnings of the Sacramento Sea.

Grandpa and Grandma Boone 

Sam's Mom's parent lived on a farm in Gridley, California, above Yuba City. They came to live with the Hardys in Sacramento when their farm failed. Sam found out that his grandfather had too much knowledge of computers.

Great Grandpa and Grandma Hardy

The parents of Sam's grandparents had moved to Sutherlin, Oregon about the time Sam was born. Sam and his dad visited them when Sam was eight, and he received a strong education from his great-grandfather. Evidence of the Neu-human traits were already apparent in the Hardy family by that time.


Sam met Abby while a graduate student at UC Davis and they moved in together. She was with him in Meeker and the return trip to California. She was killed in a raid on their field alongside the Sacramento River.

Abby's parents

Abby's father was Dean of the Agriculture Department at UC Davis. Her parents wanted Sam and Abby to start a family, but the times were not right.

Harold and Theo

When Sam was ordered to go to Meeker, Colorado, he found Harold and Theo to take along as passengers and help pay for the fuel.


Marsha Swanson is Sam's cousin from Iowa.


Jack is Marsha's son (twin to Jill).


Jill is Marsha's daughter.


Sam was seduced by Claire and then bore him twin sons, Jeremy and Joseph. She died in childbirth.

Jeremy Hardy

Jeremy is Sam's son. He was the fisherman.

Joseph Hardy

Joseph is Sam's other son. He was a wanderlust and disappeared when he was nineteen.

Big Joe

Big Joe was the huge man who was the leader of the Hoopa tribe. Jill eventually stayed with him and produced twin daughters.

Captain Jim Webb, NAF Coast Guard

Captain Webb was from the North American Federation Coast Guard. He came to Reedsport and reported on the state of the world in the 2180s.